Your aim is straightforward: Focus on patients. Improve their lives. Having the right data in the right hands at the right time is crucial to achieving these goals. Consistency, accuracy and efficiency become paramount. And that begins with solid workflow management.

At MGC Diagnostics, we’ve developed a complete workflow system that combines healthcare industry standards and best clinical practices with flexibility and support. Our workflow options are user-friendly and customizable, making it easy for your facility to build powerful data-management solutions to meet your diagnostic needs. The result? You deliver the best care to your patient. And that makes everyone’s life better. 

MGC Diagnostics’ flexible workflow solutions involve three areas: data collection, data review and data management. You pick and choose the packages that are right for you.

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BreezeSuite™ cardiorespiratory diagnostic software
The core of MGC Diagnostics’ workflow solutions package is BreezeSuite cardiorespiratory diagnostic software. This versatile software combines gas exchange and pulmonary function testing into one powerful application that sets a new standard for “user-friendly.” The easy-to-navigate Windows® based system contains extensive options for predicteds, customizable displays and reports and integrated software options. BreezeSuite cardiorespiratory diagnostic software features several technological advantages:

  • The comprehensive Microsoft Windows® operating system package allows for industry-standard integration with Windows operating system-compatible printers, fax machines, email systems and more.
  • Use of Microsoft SQL Server® produces significant performance gains.
  • Data storage capacity is limited only by available drive space.
  • The system supports Wide Area Networks (WAN).

MGC Diagnostics believes that the data belongs to the facility and should not be controlled in any way by any manufacturer. An open SQL database architecture allows authorized individuals to develop and run queries. This truly open SQL database ensures that data will always be accessible to the user. Data is not in any way encrypted by or dependent on MGC Diagnostics.

BreezeReview™ physician review software
BreezeReview physician review software combines workstations with review stations. All workstations and review stations share the same database. Physicians can review, interpret, electronically sign and change review status on tests as the workflow dictates within the network. Results can be posted through BreezeConnect HL7 interface software to the EMR system. BreezeReview physician review software satisfies both HIPAA requirements and the HITECH Act and can be installed on a Citrix server. (Use of Citrix server requires Citrix BreezeReview™ physician review software).

Citrix BreezeReview™ physician review software
With Citrix BreezeReview physician review software, physicians can access the BreezeSuite cardiorespiratory diagnostic software from any Internet connection—allowing them to remotely review, interpret, electronically sign and change review status on tests.  Results can be posted through BreezeConnect HL7 interface software to the EMR system.

BreezeSuite MultiUser™ networking software
BreezeSuite MultiUser networking software connects cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems and review stations and stores the data in a central Microsoft SQL Server® database. This networking software allows all workstations to share one database from either a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Reports, reference values and statements can be standardized from each site. With this enterprise-friendly approach, IT/IS departments can use their approved hardware without separate vendor hardware. Site-specific user rights allow customized restrictions on viewing, editing or opening any patient data that originated from another workstation. BreezeSuite MultiUser networking software provides the following benefits:

  • User can retrieve, interpret or trend data from any networked PC— minimizing the need to handle and manage paper reports.
  • Historical patient data can be reviewed without interrupting diagnostic assessments.
  • Automated backup of electronic storage reduces the risk of lost or misplaced records and eliminates the expense of unnecessary retesting.
  • Easy-to-use physician review workstations allow rapid turnaround of test interpretations on the network.
  • Electronic environment improves workflow and productivity—saving on transcription, filing and paper storage costs.

BreezeConnect™ HL7 interface software
BreezeConnect HL7 interface software allows any number of networked systems to send or receive data from the facility’s EMR system. The interface software is compatible with most commercial and facility-developed hospital information systems (HIS), allowing access to patient information from any location tied to the facility’s EMR system. Users access patient orders and patient demographics (ADT) through a workstation. After the user completes the test and interprets the results, the data is transmitted to EMR as field entries, a PDF file, text report or a combination of these formats. BreezeConnect HL7 interface software also provides the following advantages:

  • Automatic data transfer and entry is time-efficient and reduces the unnecessary expense of errors and misplaced test retrieval.
  • Software eliminates need to configure or customize programming to convert HL7 data.
  • Patient identification numbers, demographics (ADT) and physician orders (ORM) are downloadable to the MGC Diagnostics BreezeSuite cardiorespiratory diagnostic software database. Patient test results (ORU) and interpreted reports can be uploaded to the EMR system.
  • System uses HL7 2.x protocols as well as TCP/IP and MLLP (minimal lower layer protocol) for data transfer.


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