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Meet MGC Diagnostics

Since 1977, we’ve been dedicated to cardiorespiratory health solutions.

Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and with five office locations worldwide, MGC Diagnostics Corporation, develops, manufactures and markets non-invasive diagnostic systems for detecting, classifying and managing cardiorespiratory disease.

This singular focus guides our strategy and defines our commitment to customers, employees and the cardiorespiratory industry. Our experience provides unmatched insight for solving today’s challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities.

It all starts with why…

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a progressive and chronic disease. 

As the third leading cause of death in the world, it is estimated that over 300 million people worldwide have COPD and deaths are expected to increase 30% in the next 10 years.*

*Eur J Epidemiol. 2016; 31(8): 785–792.

We are passionate about developing powerful and accurate devices to assist in the diagnosis of respiratory disease and ensuring the information obtained benefits the disease management process.

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Global Employees


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Each MGC Diagnostics client receives individual attention that’s customized and comprehensive. Our simple approach has endured: Integrate the latest advances that today’s technology affords, ensure accuracy through superior design, and then back up each and every product with consistently stellar support. We don’t just stand by our product; we stand by our customers.

Our History


Medical Graphics Corporation founded by Catherine (Kye) A. Anderson

Medisoft founded by Mr. Guy Martinot

Space Program Testing: NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston relies on our Breath-by-Breath gas exchange measurement with the System 2000.

MGC System 2000: exercise system and KEM 2 cycle ergometer. 

Advanced Software: developed to provide testing for the Gould and Morgan systems. One of the first companies to add multi-color to the software for ease of reading test data.


PFT System: the Partn’Air is launched and is soon the instrument of choice in Belgium and Northern France.


CAD/NET™ System 2001: assisted an international pharmaceutical firm in evaluating the effectiveness of a new drug based on preventing certain forms of heart disease.

PC Integration: the first company in the region with complete integration of systems to the personal computer (PC).


1985 World’s Fair in Japan: Pulmonary Consult™ was inducted, a sophisticated software program based on algorithms from the principles of artificial intelligence.


Body Plethysmography: the Body 5500 device is added to the range of products. This will later become the best-seller of Medisoft.


Flow Meter System: Branded the preVent™ flow sensor, the foundation of every MGC Diagnostics Product. This product, with some modifications, is still in use today.

CCM/D and CPX/D: upgraded from the DOS operating system to BreezeEx, expanding functionality and improving ease of use.


PF/DX System: A mobile system capable of performing beside PFT testing.


Ultima Series: CCM/D, CPX/D, and CardiO2 were all upgraded.


Gold Standard: Medical Graphics rated industry leader in customer service by a nationally renowned independent consulting firm.

Windows 95™: Advanced software makes the move to Windows 95 – a break from the DOS operating system limitations.


Profiler™: Medical Graphics system combines spirometry, lung volumes and diffusing capacity to give complete testing capabilities.


Construction of New Facility: Medisoft's investment of new facility provides a state-of-the-art production, research & development and centralized office. Site also contains a training facility.


BreezeSuite™: application software designed to combine gas exchange and pulmonary function testing, setting a new standard for ease-of-use.


European Space Agency: retained by the ESA for the development of instrumentation for the study of metabolic function and respiratory function on the International Space Station (ISS).


BreezeSuite WebReview™: workflow solution designed to expedite remote access to test data.

BreezeConnect™ network connection and interfacing to stored cardiorespiratory diagnostic information across multiple testing systems and review stations.

Hyp’Air FeNO: addition enables all General Hospitals to have the ability to perform studies on Exhaled Nitric Oxide for early detection of asthma and enhancing studies to manage treatment.


RAM: acquired Italian company RAM in Padova, Italy, manufacturer of treadmills.


Medical Graphics Corporation (Medgraphics) is rebranded to the MGC Diagnostics you know today.

MGCD's acquisition of Belgium-based Medisoft SA significantly expands business internationally.


Resmon PRO FULL: Entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with ResTech Respiratory Technology for the Resmon PRO™ FULL FOT system for Forced Oscillation Technique.

Ultima Series: latest design of the Ultima Series™ cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems, capable of performing both pulmonary function and metabolic testing in a singular, modular, and upgradeable platform.

Scientific Advisory Committee: formed committee comprised of physicians and scientists to assist in providing advice and guidance on medical and scientific matters related to our business.

Altus Capital Partners: acquisition moves MGCD to a private company and supports the company’s strategies for product innovation and growth.


MSE Medical: acquisition of France-based MSE Medical expands French market and becomes MGC Diagnostics France.

Ascencia: acquisition of Australia-based Ascencia expands South Pacific market and becomes MGC Diagnostics Australia.


Ascent™: cardiorespiratory diagnostic software, designed from the ground up, results in the most advanced testing software platform available.


Lemon Medical: acquisition of Hammelburg, Germany-based Lemon Medical GmbH specializes in cardiorespiratory disposables. Provides MGCD a source of disposables and a significant footprint in the German market - one of the top scientific communities in the world.

PFS Series: Introduced the PFS Series for Medisfot systems utilizing MGC Diagnostics' preVent® flow sensor technology. A major step towards streamlining the two product lines.


CAIRE Inc: MGCD becomes a subsidiary of Caire Inc. and its parent NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. This will enable the MGCD business to accelerate its plans for expansion and growth to better serve respiratory patients around the globe.

Career Opportunities

Looking for your next career move? We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team.


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