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MGC Diagnostics Gears up for Busy Tradeshow Season

Apr 5, 2024

MGC Diagnostics, a leading provider of cardiorespiratory diagnostic solutions, is diving headfirst into the busy tradeshow season. We are scheduled to attend over 14 industry events, which include tradeshows, regional state shows, practicums, and educational gatherings, in this spring alone. The excitement extends to event attendees as well.

"We're seeing a significant spike in tradeshow attendance compared to the last two years, and even exceeding pre-pandemic levels," says Courtney Beaton, Global Marketing Events and PR Manager at MGC Diagnostics. "There's a real sense of excitement and energy to connect face-to-face again."

MGC Diagnostics' busy schedule emphasizes the company's commitment to customer engagement and strong industry leadership. The highlight of our spring season is the American Thoracic Society (ATS) show, the largest US domestic tradeshow we’re attending. At ATS, MGC Diagnostics will showcase our latest products, software solutions, and best-in-class support services to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

After years of virtual conferences and interactions, we're seeing a growing desire for the in-person experience. Tradeshows offer valuable opportunities for companies to demonstrate their products, network with potential clients, and stay up-to-date of the latest industry trends. Our participation in these events underscores our commitment to building relationships and fostering a collaborative environment within the medical field.

By connecting with healthcare professionals at these industry events, MGC Diagnostics positions itself as a trusted partner in delivering high-quality cardiorespiratory diagnostic equipment and support. Our busy spring tradeshow schedule reflects our dedication to exceptional customer service and industry innovation.

Don't miss out! See all our upcoming events and plan to meet us there!

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