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MGC Diagnostic brings renewal campaign to corporate identity, global presence and headquarters


Over the past two years, MGC Diagnostics' commitment to positive company growth has touched every aspect of its business. A mindset of renewal has led to a strong global presence, a strategic rebranding, and even a remodel of its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.

To initiate the renewal campaign, the company changed its name to MGC Diagnostics-a move that acknowledges its roots but confirms its commitment to a well-planned future of innovation and global leadership in its industry.  "The 'MGC' in the new name references our long-time Medical Graphics brand name, which commands a great deal of respect from our customers and the market in general; the 'Diagnostics' in the new name clearly articulates the markets in which we compete," explains Dr. Gregg Lehman, CEO of MGC Diagnostics. "I believe that this strategic rebranding campaign will provide clarity and better understanding of our mission, not only to our customers and the markets in which we compete but also to our existing investors and potential new investors."

Increasing our global presence has become a primary focus to align the company with continued growth and expansion. A global outlook encourages and supports innovativeness and imagination. At MGC Diagnostics, we understand that competing internationally will improve our products and make us more competitive. A global outlook allows us to show our dedication to our customers and products and investors on the highest scale possible while ensuring stability and future growth.

The renewal focus has also culminated into a remodel of MGC Diagnostics offices in St. Paul. Virtually every inch of the building's interior has witnessed some transformation. The company marked the completion of the remodel with the placement of the new company logo in the renovated main lobby. The modern, European-based design is reflective of MGC Diagnostics strong, competitive presence in a global market.
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