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MGCD announces the acquisition of Lemon Medical GmbH

Nov 22, 2021

MGC Diagnostics Corporation today announced the acquisition of Lemon Medical GmbH.

Effective October 20, 2021 - Lemon is a medical technology company, headquartered in Hammelburg, Germany, specialized in the design, development, production, and distribution of single-patient use disposables. These include viral and bacterial filters designed to protect patients, medical personnel, and diagnostic instruments against cross contamination during cardiorespiratory function testing. The usage of these protective products is experiencing significant growth because of the COVID pandemic and are now globally required patient safety components. In addition to the disposable products, Lemon develops, manufactures, and markets non-invasive diagnostic systems for detecting, classifying. and managing cardiorespiratory disease.

“MGC Diagnostics is excited to further strengthen its’ in-house manufacturing capabilities, product offering and European presence,” said Greg Greenberg, Founder & Senior Partner Altus Capital Partners, “and we are thrilled about the opportunities this acquisition will provide.”

“Following an exhaustive evaluation of the CardioRespiratory disposable filter market, MGC Diagnostics identified Lemon Medical, and its founder Alfred Albert, as the ideal partner,” said Todd Austin, Chief Executive Officer of MGC Diagnostics Corporation. “This is another strategic acquisition for MGC Diagnostics, providing our own source of disposables as well as a significant footprint in the German market, one of the top CardioRespiratory scientific communities in the world.”

About MGC Diagnostics

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, MGC Diagnostics Corporation, develops, manufactures, and markets non-invasive diagnostic systems for detecting, classifying, and managing cardiorespiratory disease. This singular focus guides its strategy and defines its commitment to customers, employees. and the cardiorespiratory industry. Its experience provides unmatched insight for solving today’s challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities. Please visit for more information.

About Lemon Medical, Inc.

Lemon Medical, a German Limited Liability Company, founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Alfred Albert, is headquartered in Hammelburg, Germany. Lemon Medical designs, develops and distributes single patient use disposable bacterial and viral filters used in a variety of cardiorespiratory medical products. Please visit Lemon Medical for more information.

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