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MGC Diagnostics’ new customized filter a fitting solution


MGC Diagnostics’ new customized filter a fitting solution

Many people who do pulmonary function device testing have a love-hate relationship with the filters that are attached to the devices. On one hand, they are essential for trapping germs and other infection-causing agents, which keeps both the patient and the equipment safe. On the other hand, the filters are prone to leaking. When Patrick Burns, Director of Product Management at MGC Diagnostics, learned that many filters on pulmonary devices leaked, he decided to do something about it: He designed a new one—one that was an ideal fit for MGC Diagnostics’ pulmonary function testing devices.

“In the past, we had been selling filters that had a round mouthpiece, and to put your mouth on that and not have it leak was next to impossible unless you had an adapter between the sensor and the filter,” recalls Burns. The adaptors added to the dead space, created an extra step in the measurement process, got misplaced, and needed cleaning. “We decided there had to be a better solution.”

After numerous iterations and conversations with the filter manufacturer, Patrick had literally sealed the deal with the new filter, and it was released on the market. Unlike the traditional filters, the MGC Diagnostics new preVent II™ filter is customized for MGC pulmonary function devices. An oval design provides a comfortable, tight fit for many patients but is loose enough to be rotated to align the mouthpiece with the patient, which eliminates the need for a separate rubber mouthpiece. No adaptor is required. The filter is recyclable and latex and DEHP-free.

Now several months later, the filter is getting positive reviews from customers. “Our clients like it much better than the standard filter; they say it’s fitting well, that it’s easy for their patients to put their mouth on, and that it keeps a tight seal,” says Burns. “It’s doing exactly what we wanted the new filter to do. It’s the only one that we know won’t leak—and will fit appropriately.”

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