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MGC Diagnostics “Accessories” feature brings value to customer experience


MGC Diagnostics’ updated web site has improved architecture, more detailed graphics, and a plethora of customer-focused features that make it a breeze to navigate. Perhaps the one that is generating the most kudos from clients, however, is the new “accessories” feature on each of the product pages. To view available accessories, users simply click on a product, then click on the “accessories” page on the yellow bar to see an illustrated list of each item customized for use with that particular product.

MGC Diagnostics has always sold accessories to support its products. But with the update of the web site, the selection process is seamless. “We’ve organized it in a way that is incredibly user-friendly for our customers; they go to the product page, then see photos of each accessory they may need to order,” explains Tom Sullivan, Vice President of Technical Services at MGC Diagnostics. “We’ve even grouped the items by categories—face masks, gas, adapters, etc.—which allows them to go right to the supplies they need.”

The new product-specific accessories tab reduces the time it takes to select accessories, and the graphics eliminate confusion about which ones to choose.  That makes for a more successful online experience, says Sullivan. “It’s one-stop shopping that has improved customers’ awareness of our accessories and made it easier to find,” he says. “It’s just one of a series of steps that we are taking to keep the focus on our customers’ needs.”

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