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Introducing the Latest Design of the Ultima Series™


MGC Diagnostics Corporation is proud to introduce the latest rendition of its Ultima Series ™ Cardiorespiratory Diagnostic systems.  These systems were conceived in order to enhance the ergonomic functional design and ease-of-use for both the operator and the patient.

The Ultima Series can be equipped to perform pulmonary function tests (PFT), metabolic tests or both. Sometimes with combined systems, compromises need to be made in regards to functionality. With the Ultima Series, these compromises are no longer a concern. For example, with the dual platform, changing from a pulmonary test to an exercise test can be easily accomplished without disassembling, re-configuring or calibrating the breathing circuit. This results in a more efficient testing period for both the operator and the patient.

The Ultima Series has an adjustable desktop, which can be raised or lowered to allow for comfortable operation in both the standing and seated positions. The patient arm used for pulmonary function testing now has a smaller profile and allows for more flexibility during testing.  All MGC Diagnostics systems utilize the patented preVent® flow sensor or DirectConnect™ metabolic flow sensor for the ultimate in simplicity and accuracy and the Ultima Series systems are no exception. These flow sensors eliminate warm-up or flow recalibration between patients and contain no moving parts or electronics.

The core of the Ultima Series workflow package is BreezeSuite™ cardiorespiratory diagnostic software combined with the use of Microsoft SQL Server® with support for wide area networks (WAN)  and Citrix® servers.

“In the Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic industry, it isn’t often a system is introduced,” said Patrick Burns, Director of Product Management at MGC Diagnostics Corporation. “The Ultima Series is a culmination of the latest cardiopulmonary diagnostic technology that will help any lab operate as efficiently and as accurately as possible. “

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