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Getting Started with Mannitol Challenge Testing


MGC Diagnostics announces the second in a series of webinars designed to provide the cardiopulmonary diagnostics community with additional resources to better serve the community they serve.  The webinar is entitled “Getting Started with Mannitol Challenge Testing”. Mannitol is a relatively new drug ( FDA approval in 2010) that has been added to diagnosing and ruling out Asthma in patients that do not present with clinically apparent Asthma. With Asthma on the rise globally, additional resources that can aid in diagnosing Asthma helps the healthcare practitioner treat his/her patients more effectively. This improvement in diagnosing patients will allow an improved quality of life for those suffering from Asthma.

Those attending this free webinar that have not yet added this modality to their arsenal of diagnostic tests will come away with a better understanding of testing their patients with Mannitol. Mannitol elicits bronchial constriction in a different manner than the most utilized drug for challenging patients. The webinar will enlighten the attendee on the indications for bronchial provocation testing. As noted previously Mannitol challenges the patient’s airways in a different manner. This webinar will discuss the mechanism of action of this drug as well as the dosing scheme utilized for testing. With a new challenge agent interpreting the results presents new challenges. This webinar also addresses interpretation of the data.
The webinar concludes with a comparison of direct versus indirect challenge testing. This discussion will provide the attendee a comparison of both techniques for challenging patients. There are two components to airway bronchoconstriction and this discussion provides the attendee the tools they need to determine which modality best works for their particular patient.

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