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Products / Nonin WristOx2™ 3150 Pulse Oximeter
Pulse Oximeter

Nonin WristOx2™ 3150 

Wrist-Worn Wireless Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth® Low Energy for 6MWT

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Testing patients was just made easier by combining BreezeSuite software's six-minute walk test (6MWT) option with the Nonin® WristOx2™ 3150 Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter.

With testing being performed within MGC Diagnostics' BreezeSuite™ cardiorespiratory diagnostic software, there is no need for long cables or transferring of data from one device to another. The pulse oximeter data is captured seamlessly within BreezeSuite software and is stored directly to the software's database.

Real-time prompts, which follow the ATS/ERS Technical Standard, are displayed to allow you to have standardized encouragement during testing.

Mobile Solution

Designed for touchscreen functionality, the integrated Bluetooth capability means you no longer need to walk side-by-side with the patient in order to read the heart rate and saturation from the pulse oximeter.

Additional Data

Data such as Dyspnea and Leg Fatigue scores, can be added on-the-move with simple icons and drop-down menus. Supplemental information for walking device, oxygen device and liter flow are available at the touch of a finger.


With the ability to add or change the oxygen device and liter flow mid-test, the 6MWT software can also be used for O2 Titration testing. The software also allows you to set the test time for greater than six minutes, allowing you to observe the patient.

Choose Your Testing Option

The Nonin® WristOx2™ allows you to choose the sensor technology that is right for your patient and facility. Both options send data directly into BreezeSuite Software for continuous real-time display of data.

Finger Sensor:
Reusable soft sensor available in three sizes from children to adult.

Forehead Sensor:
Optimal for patients with mobility challenges who need their hands free for walking support.

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