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Products / Resmon™ PRO FULL (V3) forced oscillation technique
Forced Oscillation Technique

Resmon™ PRO FULL (V3) forced oscillation technique

Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) made easy.

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Individuals who cannot perform typical spirometry tests, such as the elderly, pediatric or patients with neuromuscular disease are often the patients who need accurate test results the most.

That's where the Resmon PRO FULL (V3) comes in. With just normal breathing from the patient, the Resmon PRO FULL (V3) can measure the mechanical properties of the respiratory system and provide a simple, effort-independent assessment of airways obstruction, characterizing peripheral, and central or heterogeneous patterns.

With such versatility, the Resmon PRO FULL (V3) is ideal for virtually any testing environment—including pulmonary laboratories, private offices, on-site school or workplace settings and sites for clinical trials or research studies. 

  • patented expiratory flow limitation technology (EFL) quantifies the degree of obstruction through changes in reactance during the breath cycle
  • low dead space circuit, conforms to ATS/ERS standards
  • provides useful supplementary information to spirometry on mechanical properties of the respiratory system that may not be readily available with standard pulmonary function tests
  • requires minimal subject cooperation which is a significant advantage with pediatric or critically ill patients
  • data is obtained during normal tidal breathing while standard PFT's require maximal or forced manuevers that are unfamiliar to patients
  • degree of heterogeneity of the airways obstruction, measured through the analysis of the frequency dependence of the resistance
  • spirometry maneuver can mask the effectiveness of a bronchodilator while the tidal breathing manuever of FOT can reveal the effectiveness of a bronchodilator

FDA 510 Clearance: K152585

Designed and manufactured by ResTech Respiratory Technology,, distributed exclusively by MGC Diagnostics Corporation

“Within-Breath”Analysis of Breathing Patterns at Fast Sampling Frequency

  • Real-time display of resistance (R), reactance (X) and flow
  • Accurate measurement of inspiratory, expiratory and total parameters 
  • Full respiratory pattern parameters measurement and reporting 

Three Measurement Modes:

  • Single frequency mode options of 5, 6, 8, 10 Hz (for children, severely obstructed patients and special research purposes) 
  • Innovative “enhanced optimized” multiple frequency mode of 5-11-19 Hz 
  • “Enhanced optimized” Pseudo Random Noise (PSN) of 5-37 Hz 

Exclusive “10 Accepted Breaths” Mode With Automatic End-of-Test

  • Comfortable testing for the patient with an automatic discard of non-physiological and non-coherent breaths 
  • Operator accessible screen, post-test to view and edit accepted as well as discarded breaths
  • CV% (coefficient of variation) within-measurement and within-session with color coded warning for optimal quality control
  • Z-score for predicted normal value % calculation

Automatic Adjustment and Detection

  • Automatic adjustment based on patient impedance, auto adjustment of stimulus amplitude during the first three breaths for optimal patient comfort 
  • Patented, automatic detection and quantification of Expiratory Flow Limitation with ΔXrs index graph and % of Flow Limited breaths (FL%), also used for pre-post bronchodilator or pre-post treatment testing 
  • Minimal Dead Space

Only 35cc of dead space 

Comprehensive set of measurements for Lung Volumes, Spirometry & Diffusion

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