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Products / CPFS/D USB™ spirometer

CPFS/D USB™ spirometer

Portable full-function spirometry

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When you need full-function spirometry and space is at a premium, the CPFS/D USB™ spirometer is a most fitting solution. This small, portable system may look unassuming, but it’s packed with technological advances and features to meet all of your testing and data management needs. 

  • Compatible with desktop and laptop computers for maximum flexibility. 
  • Incentive graphs for spirometry, which are ideal for pediatric populations.
  • Powered by our cardiorespiratory diagnostic software, so you can be sure it will do more than meet your testing and data management needs.

Test Performed

Pre/post FVC, SVC, MVV and challenge (with optional bronchial provocation software) 

Predicted Normals

The cardiorespiratory diagnostic software contains over 30 authors, the most extensive list of predicted formulas available, including NHANES III and Global Lung Initiative (GLI 2012). 


Patient data are stored in Microsoft SQL database, providing the flexibility to access, manipulate and report data in multiple ways. 


Optional pulmonary consult interpretation software allows for an immediate computerized assessment of testing results. 

Trend Reports

Trend reports allow printing and graphing data from previous patient visits so that progress can be monitored. 

Database Query

Queries of the patient database can be performed for quality control or particular sets of patients. 

Bronchial Provocation

Optional software is available for methacholine, mannitol, exercise or cold-air challenges. 

Network Capable

With the addition of MultiUser™ networking software, the system may be added to a local or wide area network. 

Performance Specifications

The system consists of a flow module containing the transducers and electronics to produce a bidirectional flow signal with the MGC Diagnostics preVent® flow sensor.

Comprehensive set of measurements for Lung Volumes, Spirometry & Diffusion

Test Modes (standard)

  • Spirometry: FVC, SVC, MVV
  • ABG: Arterial Blood Gas Entry

Additional Test Mode (optional)

  • Bronchial Provocation

Software Features (standard)

  • ATS/ERS Error Codes
  • Disability Reports
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Microsoft® SQL Database
  • Pediatric Incentives
  • Report Designer
  • Trend Reports
  • User-Defined Predicteds

Additional Software Features (optional)

  • HL7 Interface Software
  • Physician Review Software
  • Networking Software
  • Pulmonary Consult™ physician interpretation software
  • Database Query
  • Electronic Signature
  • Quality Control Query

An Integrated System

Cardiorespiratory Diagnostic Software
  • Ease of use allows operator to focus on patient's effort.
  • Timely prompts guide the operator through the entire testing process.
  • Powerful Microsoft® SQL database provides flexibility in accessing, manipulating and reporting data.
  • Automated quality-assurance program notifies operator to ensure results comply with ATS/ERS acceptability criteria.
  • Software allows physicians to access data and interpret patient results from any computer that has permission to access the facility network (VPN).


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HL7 Interface Software

AscentConnect™ HL7 interface software allows any number of networked systems to exchange data with the electronic medical records (EMR) system.

  • Electronic medical record interface using latest HL7 standards with either unidirectional or bidirectional capability
  • Flexible access allows physicians to view and interpret patient results from any location on the facility’s network


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Superior Infection Control

Having clear and defined infection control policies is important for your protection.

We give you three options for infection control - you make the choice that is right for you!

1. Change: simply change the filter and keep the same preVent® flow sensor and BreathPath™ patient circuit.

2. Re-Use: change the flow sensor and patient circuit between patients and replace with disinfected components.

3. Dispose: dispose of the flow sensor and patient circuit after each patient.


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preVent® Flow Sensor for Simplicity and Accuracy

Our proprietary preVent® flow sensor and DirectConnect™ metabolic flow sensor saves time between patients and provides maximum infection control compared to other pneumotach devices.

  • Eliminates warm-up or flow recalibration between patients.
  • Simple snap in setup contains no moving parts or electronics for maximum infection control.
  • Options to use with a filter (for PFT), sterilize, or discard, making it extremely versatile and cost effective.
  • Meets ATS/ERS standards and specifications.


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