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MGC Diagnostics International

Located in Sorinnes, Belgium, MGC Diagnostics International designs, develop and produce the most comprehensive range of medical equipment used in the cardiorespiratory industry under the trade name Medisoft. Since our founding in 1977, we are proud to have complete control over all processes from R&D to production and marketing. This total care in the development process ensures the highest quality products with the most flexibility are brought to the marketplace.

We continually strive to work beyond boundaries to be able to adapt and contour the devices to a diverse set of needs. 

Our international reputation enables us to provide quality, flexible and localized support to all of our customers around the world. We are committed to improving cardiorespiratory function for current and future generations and strive to remain a pioneer in new methods of investigation and diagnosis.


MGC Diagnostics International
Rue du Clairon 5
B-5503 Sorinnes (Dinant), Belgium

Tel: +32 (0) 82 22 30 20 

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