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Products / Respiro™ respiratory database management software suite

Respiro™ respiratory database management software suite

Respiratory Database Management Software

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  • Core focus of software is PRODUCTIVITY!
  • Developed in Australia, specifically for TSANZ Accredited Labs
  • Compatible with all the world's top makers of respiratory equipment
  • Quality Control (QC) Module to aid in Lab Accreditation
  • Automated Workflow Management System
  • EMR Integration via HL7 or other

Do it all with RESPIRO!

All your respiratory data in one, easy to use Database Management System.  Features include:

  • Dashboard
    • Overview of Laboratory performance, including laboratory usage statistics
  • Security Features
    • Set Read/Write Access Levels, Permissions etc.
  • Electronic Signature
    • Can be automatically defined by login credentials
  • System Settings
    • Access User settings such as Sites, Consultations, Billing, Glossaries, Calendars etc.
  • Patient Data Import Tool
    • Allows automatic and semi-automatic importation of patient data from Acquisition Stations
  • Reporting Portal
    • Allows seamless reporting of ALL lung function data
    • (Includes patient history, scientists' comments & glossaries)
  • Database Query Tool
    • Allows interrogation of the patient database via SQL queries
  • Patient Portal
  • Test Modalities:
    • Pre/Post Spirometry
    • Bronchial Provocation Testing
    • Gas Transfer (TLco/DLco)
    • Lung Volumes (Plethysmography or Gas Dilution)
    • Respiratory Mechanics (MIPs/MEPs/SNIP)
    • Airway Resistance
    • Oxygen Assessment (ABG/6MWT)
    • CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing
    • Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)
    • Forced Oscillometry Testing (FOT)
    • Skin Prick Allergy Testing
    • High Altitude Simulation Testing (HAST)
    • Paediatric Oximetry Testing
  • Appointment/Scheduling Module
    • Can be integrated with EMR through HL7 (option)
  • Quality Control Module
    • Collate and trend Biological Control (BioQC) data
    • Collate and trend instrument calibrations/simulations/validations
  • EMR Integration
    • Bi-Directional integration with Hospital EMR/HIS/IPM
  • Cloud-Based Server
    • Alternative to hosting local SQL Server
    • Includes regular automatic backups & unlimited data storage

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