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Products / Pulsar® 3p treadmill

Pulsar® 3p treadmill 

Performance Treadmill

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h/p/cosmos® system for athletic training, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

The Pulsar® 3p is a high performance treadmill with safety arch to ensure safe training. With a large running surface (190 x 65 cm) and large range of elevation. The subject is secured against falling and the running belt is stopped automatically in case of a fall.

  • 3-phase power connection
  • large running surface (190 X 65 cm)
  • build-in reverse belt rotation for downhill training
  • Diagnostics for heavier athletes and many special applications
  • Walking surface 190 x 65 cm
  • Speed 0 ... 40 km / h (Optional 0 ... 45 km / h)
  • Gradient - 25 ... + 25%
  • Drive motor 4.3 kW - three-phase power supply, powerful
  • Reverse direction (downward slope)
  • 2 COM1 / COM2 interfaces for PC, ECG, ergo-spirometry, electronic blood pressure monitor or printer - compatible with most existing systems, h / p / cosmos para graphics software for control and visualization.
  • Roll bar with chest harness and safety stop
  • h / p / cosmos para analysis software for sports medicine evaluation and training control
  • h / p / cosmos Sirius lactate analyzer / "lactate" starter kit
  • Interface connection cable
  • h / p / cosmos satellite PC med - medical PC including table for PC
  • Equipotential bonding cable (required for medical devices)

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