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RPM Software

MTI CarePortal™

Remotely monitor, connect, and care for patients via RPM

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For patients using the GoSpiro® spirometer you can remotely monitor, connect, and care for patients via MTI’s secure web-based Telehealth CarePortal™ that offers rapid review of patient data with advanced patient engagement tools.

  • Automatically receive patient physiologic test and answers to customizable questionnaires
  • Automated rules-based reports and alerts of actionable information for quick triage of patients
  • Quickly view trends of historic data for early detection of downward trends and patient intervention
  • Health professionals and clinics connect and communicate with patients via Carebooks™
  • Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

A HIPAA, HIGHTRUST and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant cloud-based platform, the MTI CarePortal™ delivers a full suite of time-saving capabilities to remotely monitor, communicate, and care for your patients.

  • Simplified Patient Data collection automated or manually entered
  • Quick triage of clinical dashboard
  • Automated rules-based alarms and alerts
  • Easily connect and communicate

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