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Products / Hydro Physio treadmills
Aquatic Treadmill

Hydro Physio treadmills

Aquatic Therapy Treadmills

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HYDRO PHYSIO is the market leading manufacturer of aquatic therapy treadmills. Designed and produced to meet the requirements of clinical environments, the treadmills are recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device

Unlike a pool HYDRO PHYSIO products have an integrated treadmill and easy access for users of all ages and levels of mobility. Simply walk in, close the rear glass door, then select the desired water height and treadmill speed for a personalized hydrotherapy program.

Multiple models available.

  • Improves circulation and reduces peripheral oedema
  • Relaxes the user and assists with pain management
  • Increases metabolic rates and calorific burn
  • Targets the patients specific muscle groups
  • Reduces load on painful joints and muscles
  • Improves flexibility and increases core stability
  • Assists with the balance of unsteady patients

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