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GoSpiro® spirometer

Diagnostic spirometry for the home and clinic

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The GoSpiro® spirometer, an MTI proprietary device and app, is the first spirometer designed for connected health applications. This device provides diagnostic quality test results and delivers spirometry data that is reimbursable and able to be conducted at home or in a clinic.

The GoSpiro spirometer transmits the data to the MTI CarePortal™, a comprehensive and customizable cloud-based information portal designed for healthcare providers. The GoSpiro is just one of several interfaced devices the MTI CarePortal can receive real-time data from including the GoECG, GoWalk, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, glucose, weight, temperature, FeNO, FOT, hand dynamometer and the Biovotion monitor.

GoSpiro Spirometer

  • Real-time flow and volume streaming data for on-screen visualization
  • Full Flow Volume Loops with both inspiratory and expiratory data analysis
  • Slow Vital Capacity with lung subdivisions
  • Volume based measurement provides for long term calibration stability and no need for daily calibration by the patient
  • Meets ATS/ERS 2019 Spirometry Standards
  • Built-in quality control with measured and calculated error indices
  • Bluetooth® enabled wireless communication
  • Interfaces to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones including MTI's GoHome™ and GoClinic™ devices
  • Meets stringent ISO and FDA Home-Use standards

All measurements and calculations are performed inside the GoSpiro spirometer so it doesn't matter what computer, tablet, smartphone, or data hub collects the data.

The GoSpiro's built-in quality control collects and transmits Time-to-Peak Flow, Back-Extrapolated Volume, Cough Detection, Total Expiratory Time, and End-Expiratory Flow Detection with plateau identification and mean inspiratory flow of previous breath.

“Lisa” the avatar-based, real-time patient coaching and test review is available on the GoHome™ and GoMobile™ Platforms.

MTI CarePortal™

Remotely monitor, connect, and care for patients via MTI’s secure web-based Telehealth CarePortal that offers rapid review of patient data with advanced patient engagement tools.

  • Automatically receive patient physiologic test and answers to customizable questionnaires
  • Automated rules-based reports and alerts of actionable information for quick triage of patients
  • Quickly view trends of historic data for early detection of downward trends and patient intervention
  • Health professionals and clinics connect and communicate with patients via Carebooks™

Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

A HIPAA, HIGHTRUST and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant cloud-based platform, the MTI CarePortal™ delivers a full suite of time-saving capabilities to remotely monitor, communicate, and care for your patients.

  • Simplified Patient Data collection automated or manually entered
  • Quick triage of clinical dashboard
  • Automated rules-based alarms and alerts
  • Easily connect and communicate