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ExpAir II Software Solutions

Complete diagnostic testing software

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Finding efficient ways to support patient needs begins with better workflow management. MGC Diagnostics has developed a complete workflow system, which combines healthcare industry standards and best practices with flexibility and support. Our workflow options are user-friendly making it easy for your facility to build powerful data-management solutions to meet your diagnostic needs.

The Result? You deliver the best care to you patients and that makes everyone’s life better.

We make it easy to build and customize powerful workflow solutions to save time and effort – allowing the focus to be on the patient.

Choose your application: Data Collection or Data Management.

ExpAir software is a complete diagnostic testing software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Features Include:

  • Advanced, data array storage allowing re-evaluation and calculation of test parameters, with export and HL7 messaging capabilities for research and integrating to hospital systems.
  • Trend tabular data reporting of any parameter
  • Interpretation function(GLi 2012 guidelines)
  • Comments and Offline input
  • Online data transfer
  • Report designer
  • Predicted value editor wtih new interpretation algorithm based on LLN, ULN, Z-score and percentile
  • Choice of languages and units of measurement
  • Bronchial challenge testing software included
  • Manual entry of Blood gases
  • Full calculation function: display of calculation points with manual correction capability
  • Quality control automated software, diagnostic functions and full program control
  • Remote assistance using Teamviewer™

MGC Diagnostics offers the option to share acquired data between different devices. Data acquired on each device can be centralized on a server where the user will be able to consult or complete an exam previously recorded on a device different than the one on which the exam was made.

Data Exchange:
HL7 and HPRIM capable

Incoming information:
Importing patient data from a hospital SI to its own database is possible with MGC Diagnostics. Simply attach the patient ID assigned from the hospital to the patient data created when adding a new patient test. A new visit can be automatically created with the visit number and the patient ID. 

Outgoing Information:
At the end of the examination, ExpAir software suggests that the user export the results to the hospital SI. Exportation consists of numeric values and/or PDF or BMP pictures from curve or graphic interpretation.

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