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Pulmonary Function Test

Exhalyzer® D

Lung function testing

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The EXHALYZER® D offers various lung function tests for infants (>3 kg), children and adult patients. The modular system is easily upgradable and fully compliant with the ATS / ERS recommendations for infant and paediatric pulmonary function testing.

Unmatched Accuracy

The EXHALYZER D offers the “gold standard” in accuracy for clinical application.


Flexible and Upgradable

The EXHALYZER D can be extended with several optional modules. The nitrogen washout bypass system allows the performance of multiple washout tests, while the optional NO measurement module allows the non-invasive detection of lung inflammation (fractional exhaled nitric oxide, FeNO), for example. The instrument works independently of the temperature, humidity or viscosity of the gas.


Wide Application Range

One system for pulmonary function testing for all patients: From infants to school age children to adults, all age groups can be tested on the EXHALYZER D. In particular, the EXHALYZER D is ideally suited for infants (>3 kg). The low airflow restriction prevents interference with the infant’s spontaneous breathing. Furthermore, infant sedation is not required for standard tests. Respiratory conditions can be easily followed up from infants to adults.

ATS / ERS Compliance

The instrument and software are fully compliant to the recent ATS / ERS recommendations for pulmonary function testing and exhaled nitric oxide measurements.


Easy Operation

All tests are easily started, executed, recorded and evaluated by the SPIROWARE® software. Display options include numerical and graphical data analysis. Respiratory conditions can be monitored over time, from newborn to adult age.

  • Tidal Breathing Analysis
  • FRC and ventilation inhomogeneity measurements
  • Small airway monitoring: Lung Clearance Index (LCI) and Slope 3 analysis (SnIII)
  • Multiple and single breath nitrogen washout measurements (N2MBW, N2SBW)
  • SF6 multiple breath washout
  • Single occlusion lung mechanics analysis
  • Capnography and Oximetry
  • Optional multiple and single breath FeNO analysis

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