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Excalibur Sport ergometer

Versatile Ergometer

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With its unbeatable accuracy and reliability, the Excalibur Sport has proven itself as The Gold Standard in Ergometry ever since 1985. However, the world keeps spinning and developments never stop. That is why we now proudly present the new Lode Excalibur Sport: Smarter, Better and Stronger! Still true to its heritage but combined with innovative new features to meet the latest and future requirements of modern sports medicine and research to allow athletes to become stronger and better with smarter use of human performance technology.

The new Lode Excalibur Sport ergometer is an essential part of a sports medicine or research lab, since it can be used to test all types of athletes. The ergometer allows for various tests, like a Wingate sprint test, Isokinetic tests, High Intensity Tests (HIT) and time trials. Moreover, it can also be used for CPET testing and bike fitting.

This ergometer is standard supplied with a 7" control unit and a USB A-B cable to connect to cpet devices.

Electric adjustable saddle Excalibur Sport
The position of the saddle of the excalibur sport can be adjusted in height, length and angle to suit all users.

The saddle of the ergometer can be adjusted horizontally in a range of 252 mm and the saddle height in a range of 388 mm using the Control Unit or LEM.
The Test Subject can be seated on the saddle while adjusting.

Low noise
Due to accurate manufacturing and the careful choice of materials the product has an extremely low noise level.

Compatible with ECG and pulmonary devices
The Lode ergometers have digital interfaces and can be controlled easily by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices available in the world. This is one of the reasons why the Lode ergometers are very popular worldwide.

RS232 connectivity
RS232 ports enable connectivity to most ECG and ergospirometry devices as well as PC's.

Electric adjustable handlebar Excalibur Sport
The position of the handlebar of Excalibur Sport is completely adjustable in height and length.

The handlebar of the ergometer can be adjusted horizontally in a range of 169mm and vertically in a range of 390mm using the Control Unit or LEM software. The Test Subject can use the handlebar while adjusting.

Extreme low start up load 10W
The extreme low start-up load of 10 watts and the adjustability in small steps of 1 watt make this ergometer perfectly suitable for many different applications. The standard control unit shows multiple ergometry parameters and you can determine your specific default setting and start-up menu.

Accurate over a long period of time
The Lode ergometers are supplied with an electro-magnetic braking mechanism of Lanooy (eddy current). The biggest advantage of this braking system compared to a friction braking system is the absolute accuracy and the accuracy over time. Moreover, friction braking systems have more wearing parts.

Exchangeable pedals
The cranks of the ergometer are suitable for almost all available clip systems so cyclists can perform a test with their own favorite pedals.

Designed to be sweat-proof
The housing of the ergometer is designed in such way that sweat does not have the chance to drip into the mechanical parts and cables are protected. This ensures a long lifetime and makes the ergometer insensitive for malfunction.

LEM compatible
This product can be used with Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) software to manage data and to apply specific protocols when a Communication card is present

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