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Products / Cyclus2 ergometer

Cyclus2 ergometer

Performance and Analysis Training using your own bike

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Packed with state-of-the art electronic- and information technology, the Cyclus2 ergometer provides excellent, accurate and reliable results whilst providing the highest level of functionality, variability and user-friendliness. The Cyclus2 is the Gold Standard ergometer for any size bike frame, child or adult, mountain bike, road or track. It’s completely removable and transportable.

Use your own bike:

  • Racing bike, track bike, mountain bike, time trial bike, hand break.
  • Real-world cycling performance due to elastic bike suspension

3000 watts slip free:

  • Specific electromagnetic brake system
  • Slip free transmission of high brake resistances via bike chain

Highest Precision

  • The Cyclus2 is dynamically calibrated
  • Optimal biomechanical set-up via elastic own bike suspension

All Tests Integrated

  • OBLA test, Wingate Anaerobic Test, Isokinetic Maximal Strength test, etc.
  • Scientific analysis (direct color print-out via ergometer, PDF protocol, raw data file export)
  • Control of the ergometer via gas, analysis or ECG system

Professional Training

  • Versatile load control system (performance, torque, inclination, isokinetic)
  • Sinus training
  • Accurate and real-world track simulation with Real Life Video

On the Go

  • Compact ergometer transport case
  • Power supply and pedaling powered
  • Battery Powered (optional)

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