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Products / Custo Guard Holter
ECG Recorder

Custo Guard Holter

ECG Recorder with three channels

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Custo guard holter is the new Holter ECG recorder that combines the benefits of both long-standing experience and continuous development. It excels in high patient comfort, is compact and lightweight, and comes without any disturbing cables or belts. With three channels, motion and pacemaker detection as well as an almost unlimited recording time of several months, the custo guard holter is the perfect solution for an excellent long-term ECG.

  • 3 channels with two independent leads
  • Completely wireless and perfect for hygienic application
  • Optimum recording quality with the new custo wing electrode
  • Fast and stable device communication and data transfer
  • Short battery charge times
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Position and motion detection
  • Check for correct application through PC monitoring
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for mobile applications
  • LED status display for charge status and HR detection
  • Protection class IP65: perfect for disinfection
  • Very long recording time (several months)
  • Running time up to 120 hours with only one battery
  • Very small and lightweight with only 30 g
  • Docking station custo base with one or six spots for device communication and as charging station

Various electrode applications

  • Special disposable electrode custo wing: Artefact reduction and signal optimization due to decentral connections and fully covered adhesive surface – material made of breathable nonwoven fabric
  • ECG cable guard 3 and ECG cable guard 4
  • custo belt 3

Intelligent interface (guard holter viewer) in custo diagnostic

  • Display for recording stand-by mode and particular device states
  • Various configurations and recording modes are possible

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