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Products / Cardioline HD+ ECG

Cardioline HD+ ECG

Compact and lightweight electrocardiograph (ECG)

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The Cardioline HD+ ECG device is compact and lightweight. It includes the amplificatory with electrical protection, digital conversion and PC Communication. This ECG is ideal for:

  • Rest and exercise testing
  • Full real-time monitoring
  • Arrhythmia detection and screening
  • Networking and web server ability

The Cardioline HD+ ECG can be combined with the following devices:

  • Micro 5000 spirometer
  • Micro 6000 spirometer
  • BodyBox plethysmograph
  • HypAir pulmonary function testing system
  • SpiroAir volumetric pulmonary function testing system
  • Ergocard CPX exercise testing system
  • FeNO+
  • Resmon PRO FULL V3 forced oscillation technique
  • Capabilities for at home use with a private consultant to full hospital clinical use.
  • Ability for basic resting ECG to complete stress ECG results.
  • East to use with real-time printing.
  • High-definition optimized graphics screen.
  • Full integration compatibility for spirometry & ergospirometry combinations.
  • Close coupled digital interface reduces lead artifact.

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