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Products / Analyzer CLD 88 sp exhaled nitric oxide system
Exhaled Nitric Oxide

Analyzer CLD 88 sp exhaled nitric oxide system

FeNO testing

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The ANALYZER CLD 88 sp FeNO analyzer is the reference for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of NO values, flow rate and volume of the exhaled breath. This sensitive instrument guarantees reproducible and reliable results. It is approved in accordance to CE MDD for clinical use and fully compliant to the 2005 ATS/ERS recommendations for FeNO analysis. One instrument for all applications, from infants (>3 kg) to adults.

High Sensitivity and Reproducibility

The ANALYZER CLD 88 sp offers high sensitivity and speed as demanded in clinical and research applications. NO concentrations down to 0.1 ppb can be detected.


Numerous Application Options In One System

The ANALYZER CLD 88 sp can be used for FeNO testing on infants (>3 kg), children and adults. Single breath tests for cooperative patients as well as multiple breath tests for non-cooperative patients are possible. The instrument can also measure nasal and alveolar NO. Tests can be carried out online or offline.

Options for Extended Application Range

Several options are available for the ANALYZER CLD 88 sp. The DENOX 88 module supplies NO free air and controls the expiratory flow during the single breath test. An offline NO collection kit is available for tests remote from the instrument.


Easy To Use

Performing an NO measurement is very simple with the ANALYZER CLD 88 sp. The instrument is controlled by the SPIROWARE® software, which lets the user start, record and evaluate a measurement with a few mouse clicks only. All key parameters and graphs are displayed in the results section and the screen can be customized for individual preferences.

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