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Products / Airwalk® unweighting system
Treadmill Assistance Device

Airwalk® unweighting system

Pneumatic partial body weight support

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The h/p/cosmos Airwalk® Unweighting system uses pneumatic power provided by a small compressor (optional equipment at extra charge) and the h/p/cosmos airwalk Vest to support the patient. 

The unweighting range of the Airwalk system allows the patient to perform low-impact kinetic exercises in an upright functional position. Activities such as walking, running, stair climbing, jumping and balance may all be performed safely in an unweighted condition. 

Unweighting allows rehabilitation to begin sooner, utilizing task specific functional exercise without the pain. The amount of weight taken off is precisely controlled by the clinician 5 - 50 kg (10-110 lbs), and the unweighted body weight is supported through an oscillation range allowing your client the ability to walk, run, perform step-ups and step-downs, re-train from sit to stand and do full or partial squats in the Exercise Mode. The Airwalk system also gives you the ability to do unweighted lateral and retro exercise. 

Multiple models available.

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