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Products / FeNObreath® portable exhaled nitric oxide testing monitor
Exhaled Nitric Oxide

exhaled nitric oxide testing monitor

Handheld, portable FeNO monitor

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The FeNObreath is a handheld, portable device for use on Pediatric and Adult patients to measure airway inflammation for the management and diagnosis of asthma. The lightweight, transportable, and battery-operated device conformes to ATS & ERS guidelines and can be used in the hospital or at remote locations (schools, workplaces, screen programs, etc.). 

  • Single patient use mouthpiece for safe testing at an economical cost/test: The mouthpiece is specifically designed with an integrated filter to remove >99% of airborne bacteria and >98% of viruses.
  • FeNo results can be entered manually into MGC Diagnostics software to be displayed with pulmonary function test results for storage and reporting.
  • The color touchscreen displays intuitive test instructions with simple menu driven procedures featuring adult and pediatric incentive screens. It is as easy as inhaling, exhaling and instantly receive your results.

FeNObreath Key Advantages

  • Patient testing & results can be displayed within a minute of turning the sytem on.
  • The patient never inhales through the device (optimal infection control).
  • No test kits to purchase or expire - only purchase mouthpieces.
  • Five-year shelf life mouthpieces are available in multiple quantities.
  • Perform multiple tests on each patient visit at no additional cost*.
  • Lowest cost per patient test on the market.
  • Five year warranty**.

Benefits of Performing FeNO Testing:

  • Non-invasive, quick and easy to perform.
  • Monitor patient’s response to treatment, enabling the correct prescription of medication and safer/monitored medication adjustments.
  • Monitor patient adherence to treatment.
  • Assists in identifying patients who may or may not require on-going treatment.
  • Aids in differentiating between allergic (eosinophilic) and non-allergic asthma.
* up to three tests per mouthpiece.
** tested up to 29,000 tests, subject to service and maintenance.

Chapter 1: Unboxing the FeNObreath Monitor

In this chapter, we walk you through unboxing of the FeNObreath monitor.

Chapter 2: How to Set Up the FeNObreath Monitor

In this chapter, we walk you through setting up the FeNObreath monitor.

Chapter 3: Exploring the FeNObreath Menu

In this chapter, we explore the FeNObreath menu.

Chapter 4: How to Perform a test with the FeNObreath Monitor

In this chapter, we walk you through performing a test with the FeNObreath Monitor

Chapter 5: Patient Profiles on the FeNObreath Monitor

In this chapter, we take a look at Patient Profiles on the FeNObreath monitor.

Chapter 6: Ambient Test Mode for FeNObreath Monitor

In this chapter, we take a look at the Ambient Test Mode for the FeNobreath monitor.

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