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Gas Mixing System

EucapSys gas mixing system

Air mixing system for asthma diagnosis

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EucapSys is a resolutely innovative device for the custom production and delivery of hypercapnic air mixtures. Douglas bags and cylinders containing specific mixtures are no longer needed.

EucapSys helps cut gas costs by 90%.


Using a standard air cylinder and CO2 cylinder, EucapSys produces the hypercapnic mixture you need. An innovative patented technology helps to produce a hypercapnic air mixture gradually and according to your needs, for up to 200 L/min.


CO2 Content

Dynamically regulated at 5% to be isocapnic, that is equivalent to 40 mmHg of PetCO2.


The SMTEC EucapSys reduces gas-related costs by 90%.

Gas supply is thus facilitated and guaranteed.


EucapSys is especially well-suited for eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation (EVH) testing.  An integrated spirometer with recorder and counter ensures that the tests run smoothly.  EucapSys makes eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation testing routine, easy to implement and inexpensive.

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