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Products / AirPura UV614 air purification system
Air Purification

AirPura UV614 air purification system

Germicidal Air Purifier

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An air purifier equipped with both a Super HEPA filter and an ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the best defense against a wide range of airborne diseases. The AirPura UV614 does exactly that.

Here's How it Works: The UV germicidal lamp is located within the confines of the HEPA filter. When pathogens are drawn into the air purifier, they are trapped onto the surface of the true HEPA filter. An additional level of protection is then provided by the UV germicidal lamp when the pathogens are then flooded by the rays of the UV germicidal lamp which destroy their DNA, effectively killing them. Certain pathogens require more time to eradicate, and this design allows for that. The placement of the UV lamp within the HEPA chamber also ensures that they cannot escape back into your airstream like other purifiers on the market.

  • Filters certified as HEPA must remove 99.97% of all airborne particles that are greater than 0.3 microns in size.
  • The Airpura UV614 purifies with a Super HEPA filter which exceeds this standard and has 99.99% efficiency in filtering these airborne particles.
  • Super Hepa Filter traps 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns including antigens, pathogens and mold spores. 40 sq ft filtration surface.
  • Superior Quality Hepa Filter 10 pleats per inch (others have only 6-8) with separators to avoid sticking together, warm rolled to avoid cracking results in more effective filtration.
  • 18 Watt UV Germicidal Lamp positioned in the filter chamber sterilizes microbes as they are trapped on the filters.
  • Powerful 360° air distribution purifies up to 186 square meters.
  • Whisper Quiet. Simplified air flow results in reduced fan noise.
  • 18 lbs Activated Carbon Bed absorbs airborne chemicals and gases like a sponge.
  • 2 Micro-Suppress Filters around the carbon bed supress any microorganisms.
  • Vacuumable Pre-Filter. Simply vacuum through the mesh or change as necessary. 56 sq ft in filtration surface.
  • Variable Speed Motor lets you choose your ideal level of filtration.
  • All Metal Housing ensures no plastic vapors are emitted.
  • Motor Out of the Air Flow. Most air purifiers blow the clean air over the motor and pick up new impurities before exhausing it.
  • Felt Gaskets seal the filter chamber. Maximize filtration with no rubber off-gassing found with other filters.
  • Pressure Seals on filter chamber ensures all air is filtered. Other systems allow dirty air to escape and fail to achieve their promised HEPA rating of 99.97% filtration.

Triple Filter Effectiveness

  • Pre-Filter to filter out large particles
  • Carbon Filter to absorb airborne chemicals, gases and odors
  • Super HEPA Filter that traps 99.99% of airborne particles

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